A Piece of Texas ON EVERY BOTTLE

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The Story Behind

Our Caps

Just like our whiskey, every cap is a unique example of fine Western craftsmanship. Originally designed in a home workshop, the cap became a way to add a personal touch to every bottle of TX Whiskey.

TX Whiskey custom made caps

Our 5-Step Creation Process.

After a few prototypes, we partnered with our boot-making friends in the community to establish this five-step creation process:


Leather pieces are repurposed from personal belongings or excess scraps from local boot and saddle makers.

Cap Step 2


Unique tools are used to punch out the perfect sized circle of leather.

Cap Step 3


Cork sizes for each bottle are determined by the thickness of the repurposed leather.

Cap Step 4


A custom-made wood ring is hammered over the leather in order to secure it to the cork.

Cap Step 5


Very small pins are added to every bottle to ensure proper sealing.

The Boots That Kicked Everything Off

The first caps were made from a pair of Justin Boots in our founder’s closet. The ostrich leather made a mighty fine pair with our premium whiskey. They looked so good on the cap, we used a few in our first bottling of TX Blended Whiskey. 

Whiskey and boot

Leonard decided to get into the act next, and pulled a favorite pair of lizard skin Tony Lama Boots from his closet. He says he loved the boots, and had many great times throughout Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and California in them, but they had just gotten a little too tight. So he brought them into the distillery, put them on the workbench, and peeled back some of the stitching to stamp out a leather circle for the top. Man, it looked great. More stamps followed, and now that lizard, and the good times that came with it, are part of TX’s first batch release.

Not to be denied, Rob stepped up next with a pair of Rocky’s that he calls his “distiller’s boots.” He calls them his distiller’s boots because they are the pair he wore during our first month of making whiskey. The tops created with this leather look really good, and every bottle that is secured with these pieces certainly carries a unique piece of F&R history.

Not too long ago, a friend shared the news of F&R’s opening with one of the “Red Dirt” music circuit’s finest – Cory Morrow. Cory was so excited to hear about the distillery and the leather tops we were making, he was kind enough to send us a pair of his old-school Frye’s. Cory explained that this particular pair of boots had treated him well on tour, and he loved the idea that he could share “one more piece of his soul” with fans.

Whiskey and caps

Capture Your Story

Every cap tells a story and TX invites you to tell yours. Please call in advance to explore the opportunity to bring your boots or special leather into the distillery and pay for it to be made into custom caps. Then, you can use your custom caps on a bottle of TX after you purchase it. We hope you stop by Whiskey Ranch to swap stories with us.

Visit Whiskey Ranch

Made with Texas Heart

None of this would be possible without our team, who put the spirit of Texas into everything they do.

TX Whiskey custom caps on bottles

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